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[ 3rd Generation Hardware ]  *** DISCONTINUED ***

Net Integrator Lite Specifications


  • Minimum 1GHz AMD processor
  • 128 MB ECC memory
  • 40 GB Ultra DMA/100 hard drive
  • Solid-state non-volatile hard disk for operating system and internal configuration
  • Three 10/100 NIC ports
  • Serial DB9 interface for external dial-in / dial-out analog modem
  • VFD panel for easy setup & control


  • Hardened and ruggedized Linux based UNIX kernel
  • SMB and AppleShare IP compatible file services, UNIX NFS
  • SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, WebMail
  • Journaling file system
  • Transparent proxy
  • FTP/anonymous FTP
  • MySQL server
  • Realtime Blackhole List (RBL), email SPAM-blocking tool
  • DDNS (Dynamic DNS)
  • Remote user management tools
  • DoubleVision high reliability Internet connectivity
  • SNMP network monitoring support
  • Apache web server with CGI scripting Perl 5.0, PHP and SSL support
  • Supports virtual hosts
  • Web content filtering
  • Auto-configuring firewall
  • TunnelVision VPN (virtual private network) with 128 bit Blowfish encryption logarithm
  • IPsec support
  • RAS (remote access services) PPTP support
  • NAT (network address translation)
  • DNS (domain name server), DHCP and LDAP servers
  • PPPoE-DSL support
  • NetIntelligence AI configuration and management system
  • Analog dial-in support
  • Web control interface


  • Dimensions: 7.9x18.9x17.3 inches (200x480x440mm)
  • Shipping weight: approx: 55 pounds (25 Kg)
  • Power requirements: 110-240V 50/60 Hz, 180W max
  • Operating environment: 5° to 40° C (41° to 104° F) 10% to 80% humidity (non-condensing)
  • Non-operating environment: -10° to 50º C (14° to 122° F) 5% to 93% humidity (non-condensing)
  • LED: Power, disk power, disk activity, Internet connection
  • VFD: message display

Warranty / Maintenance

  • Comprehensive care includes one year of Warranty PLUS! coverage.

Regulatory Approvals

  • FCC Class B, ENTELA, CE

Internet Access

  • Net Integrators offer a host of integrated connectivity capabilities including: analog dial-up modem, cable modem, DSL (including PPPoE support), optional serial V.35 or X.21 leased line interface from 56 k to 4 Mbps, ISDN (through an external terminal adapter).
  • Other types of connections are supported through an Ethernet connection to any standard IP router.
  • Internet connectivity requires Internet service (not included)


  • V.35/X.21 leased line interface support
  • Gigabit Ethernet option
  • ISDN support (external TA required)
  • Server-based anti-virus protection
  • Integrated 56k modem


Net Integrator Lite Features

NetIntelligence automatic network discovery

This unique system, developed by Net Integration Technologies, allows Net Integrator to intelligently discover the network world around it and configure itself automatically. For the ultimate in plug-and-play, connect Net Integrator to the internal LAN and to the Internet. Net Integrator assigns itself IP addresses, discovers if DHCP needs to be enabled or disabled, then auto-configures the firewall, and displays its IP address on the front panel. Next, the administrator simply connects to WebConfig at this IP address through a web browser and begins setting up user accounts. It is that easy. The system is then operational and ready for use. WebConfig operates over SSL for heightened security.

Advanced journaling file system

The journaling file system is faster and much more robust than standard file systems. Featuring superior crash resistance, the journaling system also offers incredibly fast re-mounting of the file system after improper shutdown, as in the case of power failure. After such an occurrence the entire file system will re-mount in a matter of seconds, compared to several hours, as is the case with standard file systems.

High performance cross-platform file services for Windows and Macintosh clients

Make no mistake, this is not another low cost, underpowered server. In industry standard file server tests, Net Integrator performed 700% to 900% faster than competitors in its class.

WWW Services

The integrated Apache web server offers exceptional speed and capacity. Virtual servers, CGI scripts, Perl 5.0, PHP and SSL are also supported. Net Integrator is also equipped with an auto-configuring WWW proxy cache server that significantly improves client-browsing response, while maximizing Internet bandwidth utilization.

Email services

The advanced email server provides POP3 and IMAP mailboxes for users. The Net Integrator email system supports mail forwarding, vacation auto reply and automatic email retrieval using IMAP or POP3 over SSL. The WebMail capability allows users to securely read and write their emails, with access to their calendars and address books, using any Internet browser from anywhere on the Internet. The Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) is a unique SPAM-blocker that filters out unwanted emails, and the optional VirusProtect software module provides comprehensive security.

FTP server

The integrated high performance FTP server offers an easy way to provide high volume file downloads.

MySQL server

The integrated MySQL database server provides a database management system with superior speed, compactness and stability. It's easily accessible through a web-based interface. Net Integrator provides automatic configuration, backup and recovery, which simplifies set-up, administration and maintenance.


The state-of-the-art auto-configuring firewall requires no setup and offers protection from hackers and other intruders. The firewall executes stateful inspections of all incoming IP packets and performs network and port address translation thereby hiding the internal network from the Internet. The advanced FastForward proxy service offers simple and safe access to protected servers behind the firewall.

TunnelVision VPN

Employing the Internet as a connection medium, the TunnelVision Virtual Private Network solution delivers a safe and easy way to connect offices to each other. Data is secured in transit using the 128 bit Blowfish encryption algorithm or using standard IPsec.

Remote Access Services (RAS)

Using Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), users can securely connect to their network from anywhere on the Internet. PPTP support is built into all Microsoft Windows clients and third party PPTP is available for Macintosh clients.

DoubleVision high reliability Internet connectivity

Unique to Net Integrator, DoubleVision enables any combination of two separate Internet links from two separate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to be connected to one Net Integrator. With this feature, Internet access bandwidth is doubled, DDNS ensures load sharing of incoming Internet traffic, and if one ISP's connection experiences problems or goes down, Internet access is unaffected.

Remote User Management Tools

For more powerful remote desktop management, Net Integrator presents a new screen from the main menu that displays a list of current active users, and offers remote access to their workstations.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Unique to Net Integrator as a bundled service, DDNS eliminates the need for expensive and often hard-to-obtain static IP addresses. This feature allows mail, web sites, and FTP services to be hosted on any Net Integrator connected to an inexpensive dynamically addressed DSL or cable Internet line.

DHCP & DNS servers

The auto-configuring DHCP server assigns IP addresses to all users on the internal LAN, while the integrated autoconfiguring DNS server takes care of Internet name resolution.

LDAP server

All Net Integrator users are automatically listed on a built-in LDAP server (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Integrated dial-up 56k modem

Pushing the price performance curve even further, Net Integrator comes equipped with an optional 56k modem. For primary or backup Internet access, the modem will dial on demand whenever an Internet connection is required.

Non-volatile solid state disk for operating system

Providing the ultimate in reliability and crash recovery, the operating system and configuration files are stored on a nonvolatile solid-state disk. Incredibly, during any hard disk failure, the system continues to operate as a LAN-to-Internet and firewall device without interruption. System recovery is simply a matter of installing a new hard disk and initiating the recovery sequence. The system automatically restores itself to normal operating state.

Removable hard disk for easy in-the-field maintenance

Disk replacement for upgrades or disk failure is fast and simple. If the disk fails, a new disk is shipped overnight, allowing the system to be up and running first thing in the morning.


Positive Web Content Filtering

Instead of blocking out undesirable web sites, Positive Web Filtering enables the administrator to create a list of desirable sites for user access and blocking access to sites that do not appear on the list. Using Positive Web Filtering, the administrator can restrict web access to only a few select web sites and allow full Internet access from specific workstations.

Remote deployment analog dial-in support

Analog dial-in support provides the ultimate in remote deployment and management. Net Integrators can be shipped to remote locations, plugged in and turned on by anybody at the location. Then by simply dialing in through a regular modem and phone line, Net Integrators can be deployed, completely configured and managed from anywhere in the world.

Optional V.35 / X.21 leased line interface support

Eliminating the need for the high cost and complexities of a router, optional V.35/X.21 leased line interface support provides serial communications at up to 4 Mbps via V.35 and X.21.