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Technical Support

Interjet Technical Support

If you are here, you probably have a problem with your system.  We do not offer free technical support for the Interjet 1 (100, 120, 140, 200).  If your Interjet is broken, we probably can fix it -- give us a call.  If you are planning to upgrade to a full-time internet connection through either DSL or any other dedicated connection, take a look at the page "Full-Time Connection" .  There, you will fill tips on planning your upgrade and switching over.  

Swap Instructions

If you have upgraded your Interjet through us and have chosen to swap one of our upgraded units for yours and would like to transfer the configuration and data over (of course you would), then this procedure should work fine for you.  WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MISCONFIGURATION OR OTHER PROBLEMS ARISING FROM MISPRINTS, OMISSIONS, OR ERRORS IN THIS PROCEDURE.  FOLLOW THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!  Now, with the disclaimer out there, we have never had any problems backing-up data from one unit and restoring to another:

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement
...why this is important

A working Interjet battery is very important to maintaining the health of your unit. 

The Interjet will not let me make some changes to configuration settings.

"The Interjet will not let me make some changes to configuration settings."

Duplicate Emails being sent to the "all" account

  • "Sometimes my Interjet sends out duplicate messages when users send emails to the 'all' account."

Should I Upgrade the O/S?

  • Should I upgrade my Interjet to the latest system version?


Help!  I cannot get VPN Key to work!

Changing ISP's

My ISP has changed and now my Interjet does not work. Or I have changed ISP's, or just plain old "my Interjet no longer works."

Interjet Manual

  • Where can I get a manual for my Interjet?



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